Who we are

Center for Diabetes Care was started by Dr. Mariela Glandt with the aim of helping patients with diabetes live optimal lives, combining the scientific strength of modern medicine with a traditional emphasis on a personal, patient-doctor relationship.  Our multi-disciplinary team will do everything they can to provide they best care possible.  

The goal is to:

  • tailor the treatment to meet the specific needs of the patient
  • work with the patient to prevent diabetes complications or slow down their progression
  • make use of the best and newest medications available in an innovative way
  • offer use of the latest available diabetes technology
  • provide close follow-up and full accessibility

Our Vision

Diabetes is an all-encompassing condition that once diagnosed changes life in a significant way.  It is a challenge to control diabetes because sugar levels are easily affected by diet, exercise, sleep, sex, physical and emotional stress.  

At the Center for Diabetes Care each patient is a unique project.  The goal is to reach good sugar levels and to give the patient the tools to keep diabetes well-controlled for life.

The success of the treatment hinges on a combination of several factors:

  1. The patient’s acceptance of diabetes
  2. A medical treatment plan tailored to the individual’s life circumstances and the complications of diabetes that may have already developed
  3. Patient education in order to empower the patient to manage his or her own conditionא